July 19, 2024
Friday, 01:42 PM
48 in. Wireless LED DisplayApollo 301

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AL901T2k NB
Meets NTIA Specs
NTIA Approved
Innerglow LCD Display
2Selective PC or Hand Programmable for capcodes
6 Memory Slots
4 Beep Alerts, 10 Melody Alerts,
Vibration and Sleep Mode
3 Daily Alarm Sets
Month, Date, Year, Time Display
8 Message Locks
Reminder Alert
Back Light Display
Duplicate Message Detection
Message Full Indicator
Message Time Stamp
Selective Message Lock / Delete
Lithium Backup Battery
Spring Loaded Holster
Password Protection
Up to 4 Capcodes Capability
Sequential Lockout Option
Side Rubber Grip Apollo AL 901 NB T2k Numeric pager/pocsag receiver

*Contact our office for NTIA Specifications