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Nurse Call System
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Nurse Call System

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We have successfully developed "2 way Pendant System" which is a "Medical Emergency Call Systems". Elderly persons or persons with physical impairments or handicaps can use Emergency Call Systems to summon help. This system includes follow items w/brief explanation for your reference:
* 2 Way Pendant: carried by patient, when he/she is not in bed , maybe in bathroom, and has emergency who just presses the button to summon help, the signal will be transmitted through Receivers set up in the building to the control center. Immediately the control center will page the nurse to take care of the patient.
* Nurse ID: carried by Nurse, when nurse receives the instruction from control center to check the patient, The nurse can take her nurse ID to press the button and touch the 2 way pendant to cancel the emergency call and at same time her ID will be transmitted through 2 way pendant to the control center and be recorded in the computer system.
* Room Station: the facility is installed in each patient's room. Basically, it is a big Pendant w/ external button, which has a wire connected to Room Station. (This is not shown in the picture; it is like the button on the patient's bed in the hospital). When the patient presses the external button, the room station will send out the signal to control center to summon help. Immediately the control center will page the nurse to take care of the patient. When the nurse comes in, she will press the button to inform control center "nurse in", then, she can also take her nurse ID to touch the small red button the send out her ID to control center. If she can't handle with the emergency, she can press the upper emergency call and Control Center can send in a Doctor to handle it.
?In the control center: the computer system will record all transmissions.